Card Title

Can you sell a lie?

These French Fries Are Terrible Hot Dogs is a card game where you must convince others that your card is the best hot dog, hat, or other object, even if it means stretching the truth.


Geek Awards and PAX Prime - August.19th.2014

- Terrible Hot Dogs has won a Philly Geek Award and is heading to PAX Prime!

PAX East Indie MEGABOOTH - March.31st.2014

- Going to PAX East 2014? Come play Terrible Hogs at the Indie MEGABOOTH!

Terrible Hot Dogs is on Kickstarter! - December.2nd.2013

- Support These French Fries Are Terrible Hot Dogs on Kickstarter now!

Terrible Hot Dogs at IndieCade 2013 - September.16th.2013

- Terrible Hot Dogs is heading to IndieCade for some festival fun! Read more here.

Terrible Hot Dogs goes to Boston! - August.29th.2013

- Going to the Boston Festival of Indie Games? Play Terrible Hot Dogs there!

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