Back In Production

Hello! OriGamInc’s webpages are no longer neglected!

The site has been rebuilt, albeit, it may look the same, save a few icons at the top and the bottom of the page. However, navigation through the pages has changed, and there is now a dedicated games section. Which everyone should be paying attention to over the next couple of days, as there’s a game that needs to be announced soon!

The Forums are also back. If anyone wants to discuss any thing video game related, go ahead! OriGamInc philosophy is also hoping to make a return, potentially with more contributions from external sources.

One big thing that is being announced today is the new game Mr. Condyle’s Escape!

MCE Title

It’s the first game from OriGamInc! Want more details? Check out the games section.

Get ready for some more updates in the future. Oh and yay video games, right?