Philly Geek Awards and PAX Prime

Two exciting announcements!

First, These French Fries Are Terrible Hot Dogs has been awarded a Philly Geek Award for Game of the Year!


This never would have been made possible without the support of the community. An extremely large thanks goes out to everyone!

Next, Terrible Hot Dogs is heading to PAX Prime as part of the Indie MEGABOOTH!


So, if you’re heading out to PAX Prime, please stop on by, say hello, and play some Terrible Hot Dogs! And don’t forget to play all of the other awesome games at PAX. See you there!


These French Fries Are Terrible Hot Dogs is on Kickstarter!

Visit the Kickstarter page now!

Imagine you had to convince someone you had a hot dog….but you only had french fries!

That’s what These French Fries Are Terrible Hot Dogs is all about! Terrible Hot Dogs is a party card game all about lying to tell the truth. Convince others that you have hot dogs, when you really have french fries, and alley, or a suitcase.

Interested? Then go visit the Kickstarter page now!